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I've always dreamed of going on an epic cross-continent road trip along the Pan-American Highway. In early 2019, I quit my job and flew to Patagonia, from where I slowly started making my way up towards Canada.


I bought a car ​in Santiago de Chile two months in, to give me absolute freedom to explore on the road ahead. My weapon of choice: a Nissan Pathfinder 2001 called Chinchilla. I equipped it with a rooftop-tent to sleep in and a kitchen/storage set-up in the trunk. I kept all five seats in the car so that I could share the road trip experience with other travelers.

The roads took me into Argentina, then up the legendary Ruta 40 to the sparse altiplanos of Bolivia and Peru. Threading my way across iconic landmarks such as the Salar de Uyuni, the Amazon, and Macchu Picchu, I finally regained the Pan-American Highway ahead of Lima. There I parked the car to go on a three-week diving trip in the Galapagos Islands, talk about a change of scenery. Picking up in Lima, I drove back into the Andes on my way into Ecuador, all while dodging violent protests across the continent. Colombia awaited, with its enthralling culture and people. I shipped the car on a container boat to Panama, and said goodbye to South America and the best year of my life. After making my way to Panama on a sailboat through the San Blas Islands, I picked up my car and hit the road for Costa Rica. The COVID-19 pandemic caused all land borders to shut, and I found myself stuck for the next six months. I found a home caring for howler monkeys at an animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary, so I wasn't complaining...

... and right now I'm itching to get back on the road, waiting for the borders to re-open.


Wish me luck!

I'm Axel, a French photographer and full-time traveler. I made this website to share my adventures and photography from my travels. Throughout my stories, you'll find that I shoot a bit of everything, from adventure and landscape photography, to street, sports and wildlife as well.

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